Nowadays mobile aplications have become a part of our daily professional lives. Applications are used throughout all business areas and are also used in management proyects.

To identify which applications are the best si a very difficult task because there are millions of applications and this is only talking about free of charge applications.

Based on their main functions these aplications can be grouped onto three main categories.

Integral Management Applications

These aplications are the most common type for proyect management, and funcion like ProjectLibre ans MsProyect.

Al though these are the most common type of management aplications, the one we recomend to use is Proyect Schedule Free given that its the only application we have identified that allows the user to generate a GANTT diagram.

Proyect Schedule Free is a free aplication that also has a payed version (Premium)

There are many great options in the case that a GANTT diagram it’s not necesary. Some of these options are as follows:

  • 4W
  • Wrike
  • Hojoki
  • Smartsheet
  • Deskera


This type of applications is very abundant in the market and these are very useful as a quick guide or reference manuals. Some examples are:

Project Management Lexicon
Project Management Glossary

Within this category, there are some reference manuals that target specific areas in business. Some examples are:

Project Management
Project Management Courses Pro
CS Project Management

Project management small
Project Manager’s toolkit
Mind Tools
Project Quality Management