In an increasingly complex and changing business environment it is required to have a direct approach to achieve operational excellence; furthermore, ensuring continuous improvement is required to ensure profitability and expected growth. Our business solutions include:

Operational Structure Excellence

To achieve an efficient organizational structure it is necessary to have enough personnel with the right skills and qualities, performing only activities that add value to the Organization/ Company.
Nowadays companies need an efficient organizational structure that can ensure an excellent business strategy execution within the lowest cost possible. This is to ensure that all activities performed by the personal add value to the organization, product or service by always maintaining client satisfaction and investment return to the investors.
A company’s real challenge is not only to find professionals with the skills and profiles necessary for their optimal performance, the challenge is that these employees are able to manage and integrate their teams and contribute to the completion of objectives and do so with the right execution, proper implementation and the use of management performance systems, maximize productivity; all this through a balanced and efficient structure.
In Plexus we help our customers transform their business into an efficient organization with high standards of leadership and teamwork, based on the best practices for each process and discipline to achieve a high performance execution where each position and function directly generates added value.

The implementation of our models in an Organization guarantees a lean structure and high performance efficiency. Based on analysis, redesign of processes and the proper distribution of responsibilities, the right teams are build and the correct evaluation of their performance is implemented.

Financial planning

Adequate financial planning and management are essential to achieve the expected results. To focus on quality and efficiency is Necessary to increment corporate performance.
The best way to control expenses is by planning, identifying a more rational and efficient use of resources, limiting expenses only to activities that add value, questioning permanently and seeking better ways to use resources of the organization to achieve the objectives of short and long term, generating greater efficiency ratios.
The challenge is not only to identify the main costs and work to reduce them, but to create a habit at all levels of the organization, focused on the efficient use of resources and continuous improvement of each process where each participant will be responsible for their areas expense management, making them aware of their role in generating profits in order to achieve financial efficiency for the organization.
At Plexus we are experts in helping our clients implement a savings culture and efficient expenditure in all level of the organization. This is based on methodologies that have been tested for over 20 years. These techniques are focused on getting tangible results by implementing strategies that generate significant savings to our client.

Our strategy is focused on 2 main activities, these are; Implement expense planning and management systems.

Through these strategies we are able to establish a savings set of mind. Employees develop this sense of the cost of all expenses in a way that becomes a long term habit and not just a momentary act.

Supply Chain Management

A structured Supply Chain Managment model generates a competitive advantage that encourages companies to achieve more with less.
Efficient planning and management of supply chains has become a highly complex and vital element to a company’s success. However, global and interdependent nature has also become a vulnerability to a wide range of risks.

In an increasingly competitive environment, a company’s supply chain must be a tool for growth and strengthening businesses, helping them to create competitive advantages to make their products reach the market faster and cheaper than the competition.

Today’s global tendency to obtain a more efficient supply chain greatly complicates and increments the risk associated to those changes. The margin of error grows smaller over time therefore a supply chain system is only as strong as its weakest link.

Due to this complexity companies tend to have problems with the design and implementation of these systems. To implement correctly there are a series of activities that have to be taken into account, one of the most important is the following: To assign and adapt employees to their right job position with the least cost allocated to it.

In Plexus we help our clients develop and implement supply chain systems focused mainly on efficiency. These systems are based on elements like Integral System Management , lean procurement and distribution systems, continuous improvement, Service level agreements, TPI (Third Party Intermediary) etc. Due to the complexity of these systems, when implemented, they push the use of resources to the maximum and also increase competitive efficiency. A Supply Chain system helps with risk control and also opens the door for complex projects and larger production demands which expand the business greatly.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a discipline for those who aspire to become leaders in their market segments ensuring outstanding performance in implementing the business strategy, team work, ensure the best industry practices and management system performance. This ensures accurate and timely decision taking through corrective actions, continuous improvement and the generation of value for customers and shareholders by building significant competitive advantage with extraordinary results.

Current Economic Situation in organizations need leaders committed to continuous improvement, increasing the company’s competitiveness, products and services with high customer orientation and profitability. The challenge is to implement a model of Operational Excellence to ensure the achievement of objectives of the organization, standards of excellence recognized by the market and creating a team with exceptional performance.
Due to the fact that the market is increasingly complex, volatile and competitive, companies are required to focus more than ever on the model under which their operations and strategies are executed: People, Processes, Technologies and Structures needed to get the best out of the resources invested.

The challenge is to make operational processes achieve maximum efficiency, while maintaining dynamic to allow the organization to react to changes in market demands and opportunities. This is not always easy because each interruption in any process is a loss of efficiency and value.

We count with a team of experts in the implementation of Operational Excellence Models that your company requires to ensure the best deployment of their business strategy, outstanding performance of personnel, continuous improvement of system and processes and management systems distinguished by agility in taking correct actions, to ensure the achievement of operational excellence and achievement of business objectives. We utilize the best of each discipline, combining the benefits of each one to develop processes to the extent that they consider the specific challenges of each industry, therefore providing our customers work systems that meet their needs.

Customer Experience

An excellent service creates a satisfying experience that builds customer loyalty, taking the organizations that achieve customer loyalty to become the top-of-mind within your industry.
Customer experience has become one of the most important competitive advantages for companies that have focused efforts on generating excellence in service, particularly in those sectors where the customer has become more demanding and the price is not necessarily the differentiating factor.
Organizations need to understand that consumer habits and preferences change constantly, every day demanding better and faster service. This coupled with the intense local and international competition, forcing companies to generate and implement strategies that generate highly satisfactory service experience for their customers. However, sometimes an incorrect identification of the elements that a customer consider as a valuable efforts lead to unproductive investments that were meant to generate greater satisfaction and loyalty.
In Plexus we show our clients that it’s best to focus their efforts on customer service, identifying the industry factors that develop loyalty, satisfaction and happiness. The key is that you have to be willing to spend more on the basis of a differentiator based on an excellent service perceived by the customer.

Our extensive experience and highly qualified team helps us identify what the customer really values in your products or services. We generate and implement strategies perfectly oriented to total customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Excellence

Competitiveness in the manufacturing industry requires orientation to differentiation from the competition, based on the quality and efficient production.

The manufacturing industry is going through violent and constant change, where companies that stand out for their success in the market should base their efforts on the overall quality, efficiency and optimization of their production processes.
The challenge is to achieve high efficiency in processes that are subject to human error, material defects and sometimes uncontrollable conditions.
Companies must focus their efforts on reducing errors in production by constantly striving to achieve the highest quality standards and efficient processes that allow us to optimize production costs and to achieve competitive differentiation by ensuring their permanence and growth in the market.
Our clients hire us to develop and implement efficient processes like lean manufacturing, where the margin for error is minimal, maximizing infrastructure and resources, this is to maximize added value for the customer and shareholders.

This reduces costs, while customer service increases, the efficiency and the end result combined generate benefits that allow you to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Our implementation methodology ensures that improvements become part of the work culture; this is to ensure a culture of discipline towards operational excellence.


Procurement in general has had recent changes that have altered the emphasis on their importance as a strategic element with high impact on the value chain.

The reality is that the role is necessary to the success of organizations. We help them achieve and maintain competitive advantage by reducing costs and ensuring both a high level of service quality and supply as well as constantly update on new technologies and products.

The Procurement is not intended to cut costs or expenses, Procurement is one of the tools the organization has to creat strategies for competitive advantage, improve supplier relationships and provide the organization with high standards of efficiency.
Some of the greatest challenges in procurement include successful operation in a globalized environment, and methods that allow leaders to properly balance the operational risk by reducing costs to ensure that the focus on profitability does not jeopardize the continuity of the production process or commercial organization.
We have highly specialized equipment that ensures the achievement of its business objectives in the design and implementation of strategies and procurement processes. These can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Lean Methodologies

Lean methodology has recently become one of the most pervasive trends in corporate culture, giving those who adopt a true orientation to the generation of value to the customer, achieving better productivity ratios, efficiency and profitability.

Despite being born as a methodology for industrial application, the Lean philosophy is applicable in many cases, when a deep understanding of its foundations is achieved.

Its basic principles are the elimination of all activities in the process that does not add value to the final product or service, but its implementation is not easy without proper guidance and methodological basis. This can become a process that rather than promoting organizational culture enter into a traumatic process that does not generate lasting benefits for the organization.

The enormous challenge presented implementing a Lean culture into an organization is primarily to establish the basis of Lean methodology in relation to what they mean for your industry and business in particular. However, the redesign, communication, implementation and monitoring of the processes needed to achieve true transformation in the corporate culture is something that few companies are prepared to do, given the inertia of the operation and “blindness Workshop” that it causes. In Plexus we have a group of experts in transforming organizational culture, making background implementation in the culture of the organization, significantly increasing customer value generation, reducing losses and waste and increasing significantly the profitability of business.
We are specialists in the successful implementation of Lean principles in our client’s organizations, helping them to develop and implement effective mechanisms and processes required to achieve the desired and required organizational transformation for a change in culture and approach of its business.

This helps their organizations to achieve unprecedented competitive advantage and maintain an ongoing focus on continuous improvement in the efficiency of their processes and the use of resources.


Innovation has become a key strategic factor to generate competitive advantages that can accelerate business growth and profit in the long term. In Plexus we have effective methodologies that ensure its customers Innovation.
More and more companies understand the importance of innovation at different levels of an organization’s strategy. The role of innovation in an organization is:

– Drive growth.
– Create value for customers and shareholders.
– Generate competitive advantages in the market.
– Generate elements of differentiation within its industry.

However not many clearly identify how or what methodology to follow to innovate effectively and maximizing the results, optimizing the resources used for this purpose. In Plexus we have experts and a solid methodology that ensures the generation of effective innovation for both, the customer and for the company.

A company’s real challenge is to understand the process of innovation and not depend solely on the creativity of its people, but also on the implementation of methodologies to develop creative processes that include all the necessary elements for true innovation: Understanding an opportunity, development bases involved and understanding the end user.
Connecting these elements will allow any organization to innovate continuously, in their own processes.
We have the experience and methodology to design and implement dynamic work systems and to integrate them to organization with a focus on innovation in all processes bases.
We help our clients to create a long-term strategic approach to the constant renewal of their practices and value, helping them become proactive companies, innovative and to be able to react in a timely fashion to changes and opportunities in the market.
Our goal is to help them achieve a market position based on the implementation of a culture of innovation in their processes and products or services.