PLEXUS is an international consulting firm integrated by people who share the same motivation:

“Contributing to their customers to create value for the business”

If you share the same interest as our people, then you have the opportunity to join our team.

PLEXUS is an international firm focused on Strategic, Operational and Management consultancy that develops and implements strategies that are reflected in an increase in the value of the organizations. Our consultants are people who share a passion to get results for our clients.

PLEXUS is always looking for outstanding people with high standards of personal values, motivated by challenges and environments stimulated by personal and professional excellence. We look for people with high ability to relate and communicate with others. They have to be able to listen and develop new ideas, to understand, accept and adapt to different cultures.

Our people ongoing work has a deep impact on the organizations for which they work. Our consultants have a responsibility to identify the root causes of the problems affecting our customers as well as to anticipate the opportunities that are presented to them designing and implementing innovative ingenious solutions.

In PLEXUS our people work closely with the management staff of the most important companies in Latin America, working with them to improve their performance and to solve their biggest challenges.
Our project´s variety and technical consulting industries, to which our consultants are confronted with, allows them to specialize in areas or specific business areas, as well as consulting methodologies and techniques.
Diversity of countries where we operate enables our consultants to know, understand and interact with different cultures obtaining a comprehensive and flexible global vision.
We work together with our customers, we do not impose, but we show the way and guide you through it. We just don´t just suggest changes but we are responsible for the implementation of what we propose. Our customer’s satisfaction is our primary motivator and incentive. We develop strong relationships and to achieve this, our people require not only extensive knowledge but also strong communication skills and high standards of behavior.

In PLEXUS we are looking for people who can develop quickly, as fast as they possibly can, we believe that a personal and professional development must not depend on time but mostly on the skills and knowledge acquired.
We look for people willing and able to assume greater responsibilities .

PLEXUS is made with the following organizational structure:

Board: Composed by Plexus Partners and Directors; It establishes the general business guidelines and decides on strategic, operational, commercial and administrative changes that take place in the company.

Operations Director (COO): Responsible for the definition of overall strategies and monitoring of one or more projects in tactical and technical aspects by ensuring customer satisfaction. Personally or through Project Managers, through their experience, support the definition of operational solutions.

Project Managers (PMO): They are responsible for one or two projects at a time and they depend on the staff assigned to the project. They are responsible for full compliance with the commitments made to customers and for achieving the project´s overall objectives. A PMO Supports the daily work of the team of Consultants and ensures adherence the schedule of activities. Maintains permanent contact with the customer and the Director of operations. Reporting potential problems and proposing solutions that lead to project success.

The teams are made up of consultants, structured according to their consulting experience in and level of responsibility; they are classified in the following categories:

Top Senior: Has an advanced degree of experience. Is able to analyze, design and implement work systems alone; additionally, is capable of leading various elements in his team. Marginal support from Manager in strategic decisions and dealing with their direct customers. He or She is responsible for the fulfillment of the objectives of one or two specific areas of the project.

Senior: Has a significant degree of experience. is able to analyze, design and implement work systems with minimal support from the Project Leader or Project Manager. Can be responsible for staff with support from Management for the administration of its functions. Its relationship with the customer is active and partly strategic.

Consultant: Has an average degree of experience. Is able to analyze, design and implement work systems with conceptual support from the Project Leader or Project Manager. You can have your staff with high management support. His relationship with the client is active, but not strategic.

Junior consultant: Has a low degree of experience. Management support required for the analysis, development and implementation of work systems. In the process of learning of the basic Consulting tools and its relationship with the customer is semi-active.

“A Carrier in Plexus is an opportunity for excellence”


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