The Shareholders and the Board of Directors main responsibility is to ensure a long term success for the Organization, which requires a high sense of commitment, strong values ​​and Prudence, which should be reflected in the practices of Corporate Governance.

Plexus is the best solution to ensure that the company has adequate and effective Corporate Governance. Our project strategies ensure the implementation of the changes that strengthen corporate governance throughout the company.

  • check-boldStructure Model and Corporate Governance Model
  • check-boldShareholder Protocol
  • check-boldFamily Protocol
  • check-boldSuccession Planning for Corporate Governance Structure
  • check-boldGoverning Bodies Operation Policy
  • check-boldGoverning Bodies function manual
  • check-boldSecretary Role Manual
  • check-boldDirectors Profile
  • check-boldGoverning Bodies Calendars and Work Plans
  • check-boldCorporate Policies
  • check-boldCode of Ethics and Conduct
  • check-boldSanctions Catalog
  • check-boldStrategic Management Model
  • check-boldModelo de Gestión Estratégica
  • check-boldRisk Management Model
  • check-boldDynamics of Good Governance
  • check-boldInformational Structure to achieve good Corporate Governance