PLEXUS is an international consulting firm that guarantees financial benefits that exceeding the expectations of our customers. We achieve this, by becoming their main tool for reaching positive results.

The top management of companies prefer us because our projects ensure greater productivity and efficiency improving profitability and growth rates of your company.

Our Directors


Carlos Méndez


Eduardo Trueba


Arturo Kimura


Christian S. Espinosa


Manuel Meza C.

Our Structure

We have a fully globalized structure. We have a unique pool of multidisciplinary consultants of various nationalities and backgrounds who operate in the US and Latin America. This guarantees regional knowledge and experience. This is shown in all of the different areas of our business and it provides real value to our clients. In addition, we use our skills to understand and adapt our working methods to the peculiarities of different cultures.

Our Board meetings, establish organizational goals and objectives. They monitor the implementation of the rules and policies of the company through the staff of consultants.

Constantly being at the forefront, our board members are responsible for overseeing the development and adaptation of new techniques and consulting trends to the evolving market needs. They decide what techniques to implement through our projects.

Our Regional Directors, guarantee the achievement of organizational goals, establish regional objectives, are responsible for implementing policy and organizational guidelines, oversee the implementation of policies and methodologies of project development and are responsible for ensuring business performance and successfull operations throughout the region to which they are assigned.

Our Chief Operating Officers, are responsible for setting strategy, overseeing the implementation of the projects according to organizational philosophies and methodologies. They are responsible for strengthening our organizational principles throughout our team of consultants as well as to fully develop the management team’s skills and potential. They are responsible to take the necessary action to correct deviations and ensure project success.

Our Project Managers, are responsible for implementing the project strategy in accordance to our policies, guidelines, philosophy and methodology. They are responsible for the skill and potential development of the consultants they are in charge.

Our Consultants, at all levels, are responsible for the execution of the tasks under a behavior that meets with our philosophy, policies, guidelines and methodologies.